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Welcome To Cardprix

Card Prix, the combination of two words card and prix means the card that offers exciting gifts to you in the form of credit card’s rewards points. Thereby, gain freebies and exclusive offers from credit card by seeking our expertise advise.
Additionally, with wide range of offerings in the loan, credit cards, and insurance, we act as an intermediary and bridge the gap between the customers and banks. And facilitate the platform for accessing financial information and details. However, with the assistance in acquiring all kinds of loans one makes the right financial decision from our guidance and supervision. As we are partnered with the prominent Indian banks. Howsoever, by supporting our customers in availing the maximum benefit from the credit card which ranges from reward points, cashbacks, vouchers, etc. we help you in pooling array of benefits of the various credit cards varying in premium,

regular and super premium. Moreover, with profound financial solutions, our team assists in having credit score and tracking application and strives to provide the excellent consumer experience.

History and Milestones

  • Founded 2009 - present
    Incorporated in the year 2009, with the idea of facilitating a hassle free credit financing, and analysis of customer desideratum that can suffice choosing the suitable financials requisite in an easiest way.
  • Start Project 2011 - 2014
    My first employer. All the stuff I've learned and projects I've been working on.
  • Cardprix 2008 - 2011
    • We partnered with leading banks i.e. HDFC, ICICI and Standard Chartered banks and built, assisted 1.5 lac customers to avail loan and Credit Card.
    • Ranked Top most Prominent TPS among the Pan India Channels for HDFC Credit Card Sourcing.
  • Cardprix 2013 - 2016
    • Collaborated with More banks and robust our digital platforms to offer instant information to help consumers compare and choose financial products widely.
    • Achieved award with ICICI Bank for remarkable growth contribution in pooling customers for Premium cards.
  • Cardprix 2016 - 2021
    • Furthermore, Cardprix has partnered with scores of reputed financial organizations in India, a list that includes the best among the nationalized, Foreign Banks and the Private Banks, NBFCs as well as insurance providers.
    • Achieved noteworthy awards from RBL, Standard Chartered, Yes and Stashfin for Top contribution in NTB Customers across North India.
    • More than 8 lakh+ happy active customers added in our Kitty.

Naveen Gupta


Deepankar Kumar

National Head

Dheeraj Aggarwal

Co-founder , Altruist

Aman Gupta

Co-founder , Altruist

Dheeraj Singh

Co-founder , Altruist

Ankit Sharma

Co-founder , Altruist

Deepak jain

Co-founder , Altruist

Anuj yadav

Co-founder , Altruist

Monika Tuteja

I am happy having my job at Cardprix. As the friendly work environment cheers and energizes me throughout the day. The healthy bond between the team members keeps me focused. Meanwhile, the cooperative work culture motivates me towards continuous improvement and development in my skill and personality.


The encouraging team leaders at CardPrix have helped me shape the confidence. Whereas the cordial relationship with all my colleagues makes my company the good place to work at. The understanding teammates and prosperous environment strives me towards achieving success and gaining milestones in my career.

Negi Bharti

My workplace is like my family. Herein the easy reachability to the higher hierarchy in the management is instant. Additionally, I had the best memories at Cardprix due to my friends and good networking with people from all walks of life and diversity. This further helped in understanding people and their way of thought processing which likely helped in becoming the best financial advisor.

Ram anuj Prajapati

I feel satisfied and valued at CardPrix as my hard work and dedication is recognized. Well, receiving reward points and awards for my contribution towards the company makes me happy and contended. My experience with the company is convincing and accelerating as I started my career with this company. And now I holding the topmost position in the company.

Khuswant Singh

The flexible working hours with good payment and healthy working environment is comforting. Therefore, I am working with CardPrix for 5 years. Moreover, the learning environment and prospective career growth makes the company a prior choice if somebody wishes to sharpen their financial knowledge and skill.